Bulk Extract (LME)

The master brewers at the Speight's brewery in Dunedin, New Zealand have expertly brewed the highest quality fresh wort in a state-of-the-art Krones brewery, using only the finest NZ malt before gently evaporating to 80 brix for your convenience.

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Brewtec HME Stout (30 IBU)   28kg

IBU: 30SRM: 50 Malt: 72.2% Lager, 13% Caramalt, 12% Crystal and 2.8% Roasted malts Hops, bittering: ..

Brewtec HME Wheat (16 IBU)  28kg

IBU: 16 SRM: 3 Grist: 52.8% Wheat, 47.2% Pilsner malt Hops, bittering: Green Bullet, Pacific Gem HME..

Brewtec UME Dark    28kg

SRM: 21 Malt: 94.5% Lager, 3.8% Crystal, 1.3% Black, 0.4% Roasted maltsBlack Rock Unhopped Dark malt..

Brewtec UME Lager   28kg

SRM: 3 Malt: 100% Lager malt Unhopped light malt extract is light in colour and smooth in flavour. T..

Maltexo UME Amber 325kg

SRM: 9 Malt: 94.5% Lager, 3.8% Crystal, 1.3% Black, 0.4% Roasted malts Black Rock Unhopped..

50% off Maltexo UME Amber 28kg (past BB)

Discounted, past best-before date - ****Single cans only****SRM: 9 Malt: 94.5% Lager, 3.8% Crys..
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